Thomastik Dominant 147 Medium 4/4 Cello String Set

Dominant Cello Strings
Dominant Cello Strings

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Comparable in sound to gut, without gut's disadvantages

These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core. The resounding success of Dominant strings is due to its similarity in tone and response to gut strings, without gut's attendant drawbacks. 
The sound is full and mellow, yet rich in overtones. Its ability to project sound without being metallic comes to the fore both in arco and pizzicato. Also offers effortless response to intricate fingering and tuning stability even under extreme humidity and temperature conditions. Dominant strings should be changed at appropriate intervals to ensure continuity of tone color. 
We invite you to see why Dominant strings are called "The Reference Standard" and are used by professional players as well as students of all levels. 
4/4 Size, Medium Gauge, Chromesteel Wound on Perlon.
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