At Heid Music, it should be no surprise that we’re all about the music! So, as we head into the season of love, we thought it was our duty to declare the Top 14 Love Songs so that you can play them for your love this Valentine’s Day! Picking only 14 songs was very hard. There’s really so many to choose from! Click each picture to go to a corresponding print music book so you can play to your hearts content on Valentine’s Day and each day this year.

Without further ado... 


Top 14 Love Songs Katy Perry Teenage Dream

It’s middle school dance time again… for some. Let your love know that they take you back to that awkward time in life when you either peaked or had bad hair. Thankfully, we have the print music book to go along with the song so you can play this so much that you start to have Teenage Dream dreams.

 Top 14 Love Songs Willie Nelson You are always on my mind

This hit by the great Willie Nelson is a touching tale of someone who regrets missing those important moments with their sweetheart but assures them that just thinking of them is just as good as remembering birthdays. Give them one more chance to make it better!

 Top 14 Love Songs Bruno Mars Just the Way you are

Make your special someone feel like a million bucks by singing and playing this sweet tune for them this Valentine’s Day. You could even change the lyrics to suit the things that you like about them. Like how they pick you up gummy worms every time they go to the gas station or how they laugh at your jokes that you know aren’t the best just to make you smile. Really, there is so much inspiration here!

Top 14 Love Songs Elvis Presley Can’t Help Falling in Love

An oldie but a goodie! Some things were meant to be and it’s true that this ukulele book is for you. It’s full of easy songs to start your journey AND this beautiful song that you can sing to your partner or your beloved fur babies. I’m pretty sure this is my cat’s favorite song or at least I pretend that my cat likes something that I do besides feed her.

 Top 14 Love Songs Ed Sheeran Perfect

It’s cold outside but this song warms the heart right up with memories of dancing barefoot in the grass on a summer day with the one you love. Ed Sheeran sums up feelings of new love and the warm fuzzies that go along with the experience. It’s just…well… Perfect.

Top 14 Love Songs A million dreams the greatest showman

Number nine on our list is not a song off of the White Album as you may have thought. It’s a Million Dreams from the hit musical The Greatest Showman, starring triple threat Hugh Jackman and some other actors. This song is invigorating and an inspirational masterpiece with lyrics that encourage us to never give up on what we do to make this world a better place. As you play this for the one you adore, you can expect them to be filled with awe and wonderment. And just maybe they will finish folding the laundry so it could be a win-win situation.

 Top 14 Love Songs I’m Yours Jason Mraz

Take off your shoes and put on the ol’ Trilby, it’s a Jason Mraz song! “I’m Yours” was a top hit in 2008 and continues to be a part of the top 50 songs you should learn on the ukulele. This catchy tune is easy to learn and will impress the socks off of your significant other. Use with caution around strangers as they may not be so eager to shed their footwear.

 Top 14 Love Songs Can you feel the love tonight Elton john

We’ve made it to number seven and FINALLY we get a Disney song. Elton John amazed us all with his songs on the soundtrack to the Lion King and this was easily the favorite of all the animal kingdom. This song will forever be full of enchantment and will help all of us believe the very best… even Kings and Vagabonds!

 Top 14 Love Songs I will always love you Dolly Parton Whitney Houston

Your goosebumps will have goosebumps (goose pimples? I dunno) when you play this hit by Dolly Parton, popularized by Whitney Houston. Especially when you get to the epic key change! This song is sure to get the attention of those you hope to woo this Valentine’s Day. Just be careful because your crowd of adoring fans may get a bit rowdy and Kevin Costner would then have to carry you away. Dramatically.

 Top 14 Love Songs You are so beautiful Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker slows it down with this hit, “You are So Beautiful”. I remember it more from Little Rascals when Alfalfa was crooning to win over his beloved Darla. This is pretty much how I will sing this to anyone for the rest of time, and I know the person of your dreams would thoroughly enjoy hearing this lovely song done the very same way. Please do this, add the video online and tag Heid Music.

 Top 14 Love Songs I only have eyes for you the flamingos

This dreamy song has smooth harmonies and lyrics that could bring a smile to that special person in your life. It may take a bit to learn as this is more of an intermediate song on the ukulele but well-worth the time to learn. After you master this on the uke, then you can take the time to figure out how to sing the melody and all of the harmony at once. When you get there, let us know.

 Top 14 Love Songs I only have eyes for you the flamingos

We are already to number three and the list has been full of a variety of hits that span the decades. Of course, we couldn’t forget the hit song “Say a Little Prayer” by Dionne Warwick. The lyrics are nice enough but if we are being honest, there are at least two cups of coffee that need to be had prior to makeup and little prayers. It’s early! Although, a song about a morning routine may be a little dull if we add ALL the details.

 Top 14 Love Songs Unchained melody The Righteous Brothers

Girl, you know it’s true! Ooh, ooh, ooh, it’s number two! As much as we love Milli Vanilli, the song at the almost top of our list is “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers. Time to get out the clay and find the nearest medium! This song has remained a popular love song since 1955, and was actually written for a movie called “Unchained.” The song has been recorded over 1,500 times by 670 different artists. Many people agree, this is a love song for the ages!

 Top 14 Love Songs HM I still believe

It’s time for the Honorable Mention! If you really want to impress someone with a song that wasn’t on the top 14 list, then “I Still Believe” by Tim Cappello is the one for you. This song is still running strong, after it was featured in “Lost Boys” in 1987. If mullets are making a comeback, then so is this delightful hit by the sax man himself.

 Top 14 Love Songs The Beatles Something

We made it! The number one love song for this Valentine’s Day is “Something” by The Beatles. This song is a classic that tells us that sometimes we can’t pinpoint why we love someone, we just do. It’s all about being in the moment and enjoying the time spent with that special person. So first, you will click on the picture and get the Beatles book so you can learn this before February 14th. Then, you will impress that wonderful person in your life with your amazing talent and thoughtfulness (brought to you by Heid Music). Lastly, you will put down your phone and stop reading this blog so you can spend that quality time with them that they so cherish. Really, that’s all they say they want for Valentine’s Day. But seriously, get them a gift too… you don’t want to be that person. For great ideas for the musician in your life, head on over to the main page or stop by one of our stores near you!