Suzuki Violin School Violin Part, Volume 5

sku# 0152AL
2111B3, Violin School 5, Suzuki, AL
2111B3, Violin School 5, Suzuki, AL


WSMA Contest Number: 2111B3 Violin Solo, Class B

Gavottes I and II, Suite VI in D Major for Violoncello, BWV 1012 (J.S. Bach) * Concerto in A Minor, Op. III, No. 6, F.I.N. 176 (2nd Movement: Largo) (A. Vivaldi) * Concerto in G Minor, Op. XII, No. 1, F.I.N. 211 (Allegro, Adagio, Allegro) (A. Vivaldi) * Country Dance (C.M. von Weber) * German Dance (K.D. von Dittersdorf) * Gigue from Sonata in D Minor (F.M. Veracini) * Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins, Violin I, BWV 1043 (1st Movement: Vivace) (J.S. Bach).

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0152S 2111B3, Violin School 5 Revised, Suzuki Alfred Publishing


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