Suzuki Violin School Violin Part, Volume 5 Revised

sku# 0152S
2111B3, Violin School 5 Revised, Suzuki,
2111B3, Violin School 5 Revised, Suzuki,

WSMA Contest Number: 2111B3 Violin Solo, Class B

The revised edition for Suzuki Violin School, Volume 5 is now available. Like the other revised violin books, the music has been edited by the International Violin Committee. Other features include:

* New engravings in a more easily readable 9 x 12 format
* New editing of pieces, including bowings and fingerings
* Available together with a newly recorded CD for $19.95
* CD recorded by William Preucil, Concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra
* Piano accompaniments recorded by Linda Perry

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