Superslick Slickit Trombone Slide Care Kit

Superslick Slick-Kit Trombone Slide Care Kit
Superslick Slick-Kit Trombone Slide Care Kit

Complete trombone slide lubrication from Superslick with the Slick-Kit Trombone Kit.

The Superslick Slick-It Trombone Kit contains Superslick Trombone Cream, Plus Slide Treatment, and a Pocket Size Slide Water Sprayer.

Superslick Trombone Cream is the cornerstone of Superslick's 25-year reputation. Regular usage provides butter-smooth, silent slide action, day in, day out.  For even smoother action use the silicon slide additive Plus Slide Treatment with Superslick Trombone Cream. Just a drop on each stocking enhances cream action and endurance.  Finally, the Pocket Size Slide Water Sprayer can be used to freshen up your slide lubrication and let you get your preferred mix of oil to water.  

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