Succeeding with the Masters: The Festival Collection - Book 1

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Succeeding with the Masters, Festival Collection, Book 1
Succeeding with the Masters, Festival Collection, Book 1

Succeeding with the Masters, The Festival Collection, Book 1

The Festival Collection® is an eight-volume series consisting of exceptional repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth/Twenty-First Centuries. This series is carefully leveled from elementary through advanced repertoire, with each level covering the gamut of your repertoire needs. The Festival Collection® is a companion series to the Succeeding with the Masters® series, expanding upon the repertoire selections with no duplication of repertoire between the two series. Each book includes recordings of all the corresponding works to guide students in their interpretation.
The Festival Collection® will provide teachers and students with a wide range of works that are carefully chosen for their pedagogical merit. They will be a key component for your students' success in their studies of the works by the masters!
Book 1 provides teachers and students with superior elementary repertoire available by the master composers. These pieces furnish students with the necessary repertoire to develop solid technique, and to cultivate a sense of musicality that is necessary in playing the works of the masters. Features pieces by composers such as: Michael Praetorius (Old German Dance), Anton Diabelli (Song), Fritz Spindler (Spring Waltz), and Alexandre Tansman (Arabia).
Old German Dance
Petit Minuet
Petit Rondo
A Carefree Fellow
Agitato (T349/1)
A Song (Op. 36, No. 3)
The Young Dancer (Op. 117, No. 7)
Kitten Play (Op. 117, No. 9)
Spring Waltz
Snowflakes Gently Falling
The Sparrows
Hungarian Song
Air for Southpaw
The Shepherd Plays 
Composer: Various 
Instrument: Piano 
Level: Elementary 
Series: The Festival Collection 
Voicing: Solo 
Editor: Helen Marlais 
Subject: Literature and Repertoire 
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-564-6 
Barcode: 674398219964 
Format: Books 
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