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Ukulele Strumming Lessons

Changing the strumming pattern of a song can really give it a unique twist! A very common strumming pattern for ukulele players is the DOWN-DOWN-UP-UP-DOWN-UP (DDUUDU) pattern. This can be used for a wide variety of songs. Once you master this pattern, others may come easier to you. Included here are clips of hosts from Heid Music’s Uke Jams teaching different strumming patterns.  



Ben Hassenger breaks down what an arpeggiated strum is and demonstrates a few ways to play this strum style. In simplest terms, an arpeggiation is just playing each note individually. It may be tricky at first, but the repetitive play-through with Ben will help you get the hang of it.   Katie DeNure teaches you a left-handed muted technique and how to mute the G7! Katie starts by dissecting the down-up-mute-up-up-mute-mute strumming pattern while playing a C chord. With three free fingers, this mute technique may come easy to some players. Although muting the G7 may take some extra practice, Katie’s explanation is a good starting point. 




Katie DeNure teaches you an easy reggae strum & the DDU-DDU-DDU-DDU strumming pattern! Reggae strums typically have a silent downbeat and an emphasized upbeat/offbeat, so this style can be as easy or as difficult as you’d like.    Katie demonstrates the strum-tap pattern on her ukulele! This percussive playing style can help you break out of the typical down-up strumming patterns and add some spice to your playing. 




Do you struggle with chucking on your ukulele? It sounds so cool, but it can be difficult to master! If you strum with all fingers like Devin Scott does, his chuck lesson will be beneficial to you.    Spice up your playing on the ukulele! Devin Scott demonstrates how rolling between two chords (G & C) on the ukulele will add a unique flair to your playing. 




Rock of Lanikai Ukuleles teaches percussive playing through muting/chucking because sometimes what you don’t play is just as important as what you play. Step away from the strumming and add some percussive sounds by hitting the body of the ukulele and muting/chucking on some of the strums.   Rock of Lanikai Ukuleles demonstrates how to add movement to a chord progression and thicken up the sound especially when playing with a group of people. 




Learn about music theory & 12- bar blues progression with Matt Taylor. Interested in the ukulele Matt is playing on? That is his signature ukulele with Flight Ukuleles. Click here to view Matt's signature Uke!    Percussive playing is a great way to add some thickness to your ukulele playing. Matt Taylor (U Can Uke) shows several methods of percussive playing by tapping on the body or strings of the ukulele with different parts of your hand. 



Lanikai sponsored artist, Abigail Flowers, practice some new strumming patterns and breaks down the 12-bar blues.  Learn about the difference between quarter and eighth notes & get tips on plucking on a U-Bass with U-Bass expert himself, Ukulenny! Interested in learning U-Bass? Click here to see Kala U-Basses in stock at Heid Music now!