Sound Innovations Creative Warm-Ups for Viola

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Sound Innovations Creative Warm-Ups for Viola
Sound Innovations Creative Warm-Ups for Viola


A complementary book to the Sound Innovations: Sound Development for Intermediate String Orchestra, the Sound Innovations Creative Warm-Ups book teaches students four important parts of honing their skills at an intermediate level. Those four core skills are: Sound Intonation, Sound Rhythms, Sound Bowing Fluency and Choreography, and Sound Creativity. These warm-ups can be used either in individual practice or as classroom units. As students progress through this book, they will advance their listening skills by identifying chord qualities, practicing intervals, understanding chord tones and the balance of these tones, and more. Students will also learn more complex rhtyms that will allow them to be more creative and confident players as they advance in skill. This series also gives students the basics of how to improvise different styles of music, such as jazz and classical. 

Series: Sound Innovations for String Orchestra 

Authors: Bob Phillips, Kirk Moss, Matt Turner, Stephen Benham 

Instrument: Viola 

Page Count: 56

Format: Book and Online Media 

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