Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Jubilee Alto Saxophone (Honey Gold)

Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Jubilee Alto Saxophone
Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Jubilee Alto Saxophone
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With the Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Jubilee Alto Saxophone, Selmer Paris took the most popular professional saxophone in the world (the Super Action 80 Series) and updated it!  The new face of the series, this Jubilee saxophone features all the latest advancements in ergonomic and physical design from legendary Selmer Paris.  The superb intonation, flexible timbre, and full-ribbed construction still remain while thinner engraving, a redesigned neck key, and a brand new lacquer enhance both the appearance and tonal spectrum of the saxophone.  Packaged standard with the super-resonant S125 Anniversary Mouthpiece, the Selmer Paris Series II Model 52 Alto Sax is primed to become the choice of professionals for this and future generations.

Comes complete with Selmer accessory kit, including strap, swab, cloth, and cork grease.


  • 100% French Manufactured

  • Included S125 Mouthpiece offers dynamic aesthetics and an optimized acoustic resonance

  • New Gold Lacquer offers more warmth and presence than previous finishes

  • Elegant and elaborate engraving design

  • Redesigned Octave Neck Key


  • Level: Professional

  • Key: Eb

  • Auxiliary Keys: Front F; High F#

  • Pad Type: Treated Leather with Metal Boosters

  • Neck: Series II Bore

  • Construction: Full-Ribbed

  • Body Material: Yellow Brass

  • Adjusting Screws: High F, G# key, F#/G# lug, adjusting bar, low C#, low B, side C, side Bb

  • Needle Springs: Blued Steel

  • Mouthpiece: S125 Anniversary Edition

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