Selmer Paris S90 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 180 Facing

sku# BS412180
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 180 Facing
Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 180 Facing




Precision machined from hard rubber bar stock material, the S-90 alto saxophone mouthpiece features a square throat design. This flexible mouthpiece responds easily over all registers of the saxophone making it an ideal choice for classical as well as studio work.
Model 170: Tip: 1.40 mm / Facing: 22 mm
Model 180: Tip: 1.50 mm / Facing: 22 mm
Model 190: Tip: 1.70 mm / Facing: 22 mm
Model 200: Tip: 1.80 mm / Facing: 22 MM
MPN: S412190


  • Facing designation-170, tip opening-1.40, facing length-22.00
  • Facing designation-180, tip opening-1.50, facing length-22.00
  • Facing designation-190, tip opening-1.70, facing length-22.00
  • Facing designation-200, tip opening-1.80, facing length-22.00
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