Run Rabbit Run Vibe Guitar Pedal

Run Rabbit Run Vibe
Run Rabbit Run Vibe
  • Run Rabbit Run Vibe
  • Run Rabbit Run Vibe
  • Run Rabbit Run Vibe
  • Run Rabbit Run Vibe
  • Run Rabbit Run Vibe
  • Run Rabbit Run Vibe



This four-stage phaser, chorus, and vibrato captures everything from subtle rotary speaker effects to crazy modulated synth sounds. The oversized SPEED knob allows for easy changing of the effect's rate, during practice or the gig, and the equally unique Thump switch allows for added low-end to the classic vibe sound. The VIBRATO/CHORUS button allows the user to switch between the two effects on the fly while the CRAZY switch doubles the rate of modulation for all the ring modulating, synthesizing, octave uping (or downing) you can handle. Catch you down the rabbit hole...


Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.
LED’s: Indicate the selected effect (Vibrato/Chorus) along with a rate LED to show the speed of the effect even when in bypass mode.
Four-Stage Phaser: With each stage individually isolated for a full and lush sweep.
Depth: Increases/decreases the wet/dry signal of effect.
Speed: Affects the rate of the selected effect. Easy access allows for adjustments to be made with your foot while on the floor.
Thump: Will add low end to the output of the effect when rolling back the DEPTH knob keeping the fullness of the modulation and not sounding “thin”.
Crazy Footswitch: Footswitch that allows you to double the speed of the modulation going from a normal operation to a whole new level of sounds including, ring mod, synth, octave up or down tunable to the note/key you desire.
Chorus/Vibrato Footswitch: Footswitch allows you to switch between both the chorus settings and the vibrato with the tap of the foot instead of a mini toggle switch.
Available Sounds:
Simply by twisting and turning the various knobs you can get the Run Rabbit Run Vibe to emulate various sound effects like:
• Vibe
• Chorus
• Phaser
• Vibrato
• Ring Mod
• Octave
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