Roland Jazz Guitar Amp Chorus JC-40

sku# CJC40
Roland Jazz Guitar Amp
Roland Jazz Guitar Amp
  • Roland Jazz Guitar Amp Back
  • Roland Jazz Guitar Amp
  • Roland Jazz Guitar Amp Back
  • Roland Jazz Guitar Amp
If you're looking for Roland’s renowned “JC clean” tone and signature stereo chorus effect, look no further than the JC-40 compact combo amp which includes evolved features for the modern guitarist. Like the flagship JC-120 amp that it’s based on, the JC-40 offers a classic stereo clean sound that’s a perfect palette for tone shaping with stompbox effects. There's also a true stereo input for enhanced performance with stereo effects pedals, guitar synths, amp modeling gear, and multi-effects. In addition, the JC-40’s onboard effects include newly added features and updated sounds to support the needs of today’s players.
Ideal for Pedal-Based Players
If you create your sound with stompbox pedals, there’s no better platform than the classic JC clean amp. The rich, neutral sound won’t color your basic guitar tone, perfect for hearing exactly what your pedals put out.


  • Legendary Roland “JC clean” tone in a small, gig-ready combo amp
  • Stereo 40-watt amp with two 10-inch speakers
  • Stereo input enables players to get true stereo sound with modelers and stereo effects pedals
  • Signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect for expansive stereo sound
  • Built-in vibrato, distortion, and reverb effects, newly evolved for modern styles
  • Footswitch jacks for turning onboard effects on/off while performing
  • Stereo effects loop for connecting external effects
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