pTrumpet Yellow Plastic Trumpet

Yellow PTrumpet
Yellow PTrumpet



The bombastic plastic revolution continues with the pTrumpet, the world's first fully plastic trumpet. Like the pBone before it, the pTrumpet is an authentic musical instrument that plays & sounds like its brass counterparts.

Check it out:

For established players, the pTrumpet offers a fun, affordable alternative to the norm. Plus you can use just about any standard metal mouthpiece with it.

For kids (and their parents), the pTrumpet is lightweight, easy to care for, and durable - it won't ding, bend, or dent like brass. On top of that, the pTrumpet is the first instrument to be coated with BioCote, an anti-microbial coating that prevents the growth & spread of bacteria.

pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet Features:

  • Available in Red or Blue
  • Authentic Full-Size Bb Trumpet
  • Full Plastic Valve System w/1st & 3rd Valve Tuning Slides
  • Can accommodate any standard metal trumpet mouthpiece
  • Two Plastic Mouthpieces included (3C & 7C)
  • Lightweight & Durable - it can take its drops, knocks, & dings
  • First musical instrument ever to incorporate BioCote, an anti-microbial coating that prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Comes with custom gig bag

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