Promark Jim Wunderlich JW9 System Blue Keyboard Mallet, Hard

sku# DJW9R
Promark Jim Wunderlich JW9 System Blue Keyboard Mallet
Promark Jim Wunderlich JW9 System Blue Keyboard Mallet
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The JW9R is another great mallet in the Jim Wunderlich signature series.


It features a rubber-like synthetic core wrapped tightly with cord on a 14.5" rattan shaft. A player using these mallets can punch out notes in front of the ensemble while preserving quality and integrity with the instrument.
Although Jim Wunderlich mallets are included within the System Blue family of marching products, these new mallets are for more than just outdoor applications. The JW series of mallets have the durability to withstand outdoor demands, while facilitating musical precision and finesse for indoor marching, concert percussion and wind ensembles.
Length: 16 1/2" Rattan Handles 
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