Pre-Owned Howard Core CS5500 Violin 4/4 "Ole Bull"

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Serial Number:  01301805

The 1744 “Ole Bull” was made in Guarneri’s final year and is perhaps his last creation. The refined and stately tonal qualities are a surprising contrast to the wild and carefree workmanship, a juxtaposition for which Guarneri is beloved. The original was played famously by the 19th-century Norwegian violinist Ole Bull, a virtuoso across Europe and contemporary of Paganini, Schumann, and Liszt.
This pre-owned Core Select model is inspired by the great artistry of both Guarneri and Bull, and with lightning-quick response helps the modern player tackle the most challenging and diverse repertoire. Naturally air-dried for at least 50 years, the Italian spruce and Bosnian maple are crafted with the utmost care in the archings to bring to life an exuberant and pliable voice.
Our expert luthier has outfitted this beautiful instrument with Pernambuco fittings that compliment the finish and tone wonderfully.
Case and bow sold separately.

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