Powell Sonare PS-505 PS55BEF Step-Up / Intermediate Flute

sku# BPS55BEF
Powell Sonare PS-505 PS55BEF flute
Powell Sonare PS-505 PS55BEF flute



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This Powell Sonare PS-505 series flute features a sterling silver headjoint, handmade by Powell in their New England workshop.  The silver-plated body is produced using the patented Zinki technology, and this PS55BEF model  features a B Foot, Offset G,  and Split E Mechanism.

Why Heid? All intermediate and professional flutes are cared for by our master flute technician, Jeff Tellock.  See why that is good news for you:

Sonare PS-505 PS55BEF Flute Features:

  • Ships Free from heidmusic.com
  • Powell Signature Handcut Headjoint with Sterling Silver Tubing - made in Powell's Boston-area workshop
  • Sterling Silver Riser & Lip Plate
  • Silver-Plated Nickel Body & Foot Joint
  • B Foot
  • Offset G
  • Split E Mechanism
  • Includes Custom Case

Why Step-Up? As a musicians' skills become more advanced, their instruments need to do the same.  Step-Up Instruments (also called Intermediate Instruments) are designed with the professional features an advancing player needs, but on an instrument that can be purchased at a manageable price. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing young students in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school, college, and often, beyond. Read more about Step-Up benefits or schedule a Step-Up Consultation.

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