Pirastro Obligato Viola StringSet

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Pirastro Obligato Viola Strings
Pirastro Obligato Viola Strings


Pirastro Obligato viola strings are usually compared with Pirastro's own Eudoxa viola strings. The advances made by Pirastro's multifilament core allow Obligato viola string line to surpass their gut core "version". These viola strings have an ample amount of depth and warmth with more clarity and projection than do most strings designed to "warm up" a bright instrument.


  • Tone: Deep and warm with clarity and brilliance
  • Playability: Ease of playing for the left hand
  • Stability: Virtually resistant to climate and temperature change
Pirastro Obligato viola string composition:
A string: Aluminum over steel
D string: Silver over synthetic
G string: Silver over synthetic
C string: Tungsten-silver over synthetic
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