Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Kit (Pink)

sku# DW1067
Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum (Pink)
Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum (Pink)



The Jumbie Jam is a delightful instrument for all ages, easy to master in minutes!  The simple diatonic layout and G major tuning make these instruments a perfect classroom education tool.  

The Jumbie Jam includes a basic stand, mallets, and introductory materials to start playing right away!

This all-steel instrument is made in the USA by Panyard, a leader in steel pan manufacturing.

The Jumbie Jam has been awarded twice by the National Association of Music Merchants beginning with a "Best in Show" in 2008 and followed by a "Best Tools for Schools" in 2010.


Consider Steels Drums for your changing music education program!

  • Steel Drums Are Easy to Sanitize - A simple disinfectant wipe can be used on both the drums and the mallets. 
  • Jumbie Jams Are Portable, Lightweight and Easy to Understand - Students are not overwhelmed or intimidated by the Jumbie Jam, ensuring an effective and immediate learning experience. Jumbies are also very easy to set up, for both educators, parents and students.
  • Steel Drums Offer a Well-Rounded Musical Education for Beginners - Compared to many other instruments, a steel drum is a simple instrument to play for a beginner. It stimulates concentration, motor skills, rhythm and creativity. 
  • Steel Drums Offer More Than Just Music - Lessons on the Jumbie Jam can be combined with lessons on the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago, where the steel drum originated. 
  • An Easy Transition to Virtual Learning -  If parents want to add more musical education outside of the school’s curriculum, the Jumbie takes up very little square footage in the house and is simple to learn and teach. 
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