One Spot Multi-Plug Power Supply Cable

sku# CMC8
One Spot Multi-Plug Power Supply Cable
One Spot Multi-Plug Power Supply Cable



The Visual Sound Multi-Plug 8 Cable is an accessory for the 1 SPOT 9V DC adapter. Takes up only one spot on a wall or strip outlet. The Multi-Plug has 8 right-angle plugs for daisy-chaining power, with over 12" between plugs. You can also link other Multi-Plugs together to power up even more effects or pedals. Multi-Plug uses spring-loaded contacts in the input socket to keep your 1 SPOT securely plugged in.


  • A daisy-chain available with right-angle plugs
  • Over 12" between plugs
  • Spring-loaded contacts in the input socket keep the 1 SPOT plugged in securely
  • Link Multi-Plug 8 cables together to power even more effects
The 1 SPOT cannot be used to power multiple LINE 6 ToneCore Pedals due to inadequate power supply filtering in the pedals. A 1 SPOT can be used with one ToneCore Pedal with only a minimal amount of noise. More than 1 ToneCore pedal on a daisy chain causes too much noise for practical use.
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