Martin Authentic Acoustic Marquis Medium Guitar Strings

sku# CMA150S
Martin MA150S
Martin MA150S
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Martin MA150S Marquis Silked 80/20 Bronze Authentic Acoustic Guitar Strings Medium 13-56
MA150S - Gauges:13-17-26-35-45-56
Your guitar deserves the very best, Martin knows how to provide it. If you're looking for some extra protection for your fine guitar, Authentic Acoustic Silked strings are the right choice for you. We've added a soft silk wrap to the ball ends of our Authentic Acoustic strings to prevent wear and tear on the bridge and bridge plate as you play. Our silk wrap puts a comforting layer of protection in place every time you change your strings. Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze.Martin Authentic Acoustic Marquis® Silked strings offer thread wrapping for bridge protection, corrosion resistance and excellent tuning stability.