Levy's 2.5" MSS3-BLK Guitar Strap (Black Signature Suede)

Levy's 2.5" Guitar Strap
Levy's 2.5" Guitar Strap



Levy’s 2.5” Signature Series Black hand-brushed suede guitar strap with black decorative piping is simple, elegant and hand-crafted to last for generations. This strap provides excellent support without any additional bulkiness. It’s crafted from the finest hand-picked, premium suede leather for uncompromising comfort and durability. The back of the strap is finished with suede leather which provides a surface with grip, perfect for the musician who prefers a more stable feel while playing. The ladder style, feed-thru adjustment adjusts from 37” to 51” in length for the perfect playing height and wrist position. The strap features reinforced stitching around the pin holes, as well as figure-8 style stitching around the laddering to prevent stretching and extend the life of the product. Additionally, a piece of polyester is added between the leather layers to bolster and reduce stretching of strap pin holes and adjustment points.

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