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Yamaha has invested over 50 years in music education research around the world. More than four million children and adult students have graduated from Yamaha Music Course worldwide. When you enroll your child in the Junior Musicians or Young Musicians Course, you are assured an excellent first musical study experience.


KeyboardGirl_bwOur Dedicated Yamaha Teachers are committed to providing happy, rewarding first musical experiences. These educators have passed demanding tests in musicianship while completing rigorous training prior to certification.


This Is A Time To Share. Young children have an innate friendliness. Their desire to be with others, enthusiasm and natural abilities are all brought together to learn musical skills. Support from parents, teachers and peers help children pass through the critical, initial periods of accomplishment without becoming discouraged. The Yamaha experience provides an excellent opportunity for family interaction as you and your children explore music together. 



Junior Musicians Course (Ages 4-5 yrs.)

This course was created to help children develop natural musical abilities and creative expression. By making the most of their sense of hearing, which is at its prime at a young age, the Junior Musicians Course guides children along the same learning path they have followed since birth. Learn more here. The next session begins August 31, 2021. Registration is due August 20. This class is waitlist only.


Yamha_young_musiciansYoung Musicians Course (Ages 6-9 yrs.)

Children participate in group and individual activities that teach basic musical skills and encourage creativity, independence and self-expression.  The course appeals to the imagination of a young mind and becomes an integral part of your child’s growth. For more information click here. The next session begins August 31, 2021. Registration is due August 20. This class is waitlist only.

All returning musicians course students, register here