Ukulele Classes

Hosted at Heid Music Madison | Sponsored by MAUI



Saturdays 1:00-2:30 PM
Sep 14, 21, 28
Oct 12, 19, 26
Cost: $80
*Enrollment is still open and the class tuition will be prorated*
No book required
Prerequisite: None
It’s time to begin! Yes, you can be musical…even if you’ve never played an instrument before! But, most ukulele teachers move too quickly for brand-new beginners. Far more important is ensuring you’ll keep playing after class ends. We do that by a) making learning fun b) explaining things slowly, clearly, repeatedly, with plenty of time for questions c) providing lots of empathy and encouragement, and d) most importantly, connecting you to community. Since the ukulele generates happy moods, you could say we want to help you “habituate happiness”. After six weeks, you’ll feel confident enough to play easy songs with other beginners. We’ve sneakily created beginner groups around town (hee-hee)…and created a separate MAUI Beginners’ Songbook…just for you. Good days ahead!
Consider taking the Brand-New-Beginner class if you 1) have not played another prior musical instrument 2) have played another instrument, but still prefer to start with basics 3) have had discouraging, unpleasant past music lessons 4) think only other, very talented people can be musicians 5) are curious to just “test the waters” of playing ukulele and/or creating music with a group to see if it suits you, or 6) enjoy learning at a relaxed pace.
TECHNICAL FOCUS: This class focuses on learning 7 foundational chord shapes (in key of C major) and helpful strategies for changing between them. Five basic strum patterns are introduced, but de-emphasized in favor of confident chord changes. Basic buying and maintenance tips are given. Tuning is explained.
Meet the Instructor:
Andrew W., Ukulele Group Classes
Andrew_Wilke_Uke_160613Andrew Wilke teaches ukulele group classes for ages 10 to adult, emphasizing enjoyment and musical community. His teaching style is relaxed, empathetic, and perfectly paced for new musicians. Andrew is director of Madison's thriving, 1200-member, MAUI ukulele club (Madison Area Ukulele Initiative) Click here for MAUI's website. He has arranged 3 ukulele song books totalling 500 songs, conducts MAUI's performance group, and leads weekly strum-alongs. Click here for a 100-person MAUI strum-along video. Andrew teaches year-round at multiple locations throughout greater Madison, and has taught nearly 2500 people to play ukulele. You can register online for his many classes by clicking here. They often fill up, so early registration is recommended.