Please call (608.829.1969) or email our education coordinator at for teacher availability. Lessons take place in private studios at Heid Music in Madison.

Xochi_JohnXochi J., Cello
Xochi began cello studies at the age of 9 as part of her Waldorf School’s music program and since then, her love of expressing herself through the cello still continues to grow. Her teaching is tailored to each individual and is informed largely by her studies and teaching of the Alexander Technique, a method of learning self awareness which helped her to find lasting relief from shoulder and back pain caused by cello playing. This method looks at the individual as a whole and works with developing a healthy use of our primary instrument (ourself) in relationship to the cello. In this way, we can prevent pain and injury and experience ease and joy in learning and playing as the core foundational element. From here, the possibilities of expression learning are endless. 
Xochi has a BM from Oberlin Conservatory and is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher. ( to learn more). She is open to teaching students of all ages and levels. 

Erin_Ribble[1]Erin R., Violin (not currently accepting new students)
At a very young age, Erin was inspired by her grandmother to learn the violin, a passion that followed her to college at UW Stevens Point where she was the first violinist to earn a bachelors degree in Jazz Performance. 

Erin teaches the Suzuki method to beginners, focusing on ear training first and then exploring sight-reading. Learning classical technique on the instrument is the best base, once there is a certain level of proficiency; Erin encourages improvisation and composition.  She offers instruction in music theory because a basic level of understanding is an essential part of being a musician. In addition to teaching violin, Erin offers instruction in jazz improvisation, (on any instrument) composition, mandolin, and viola.  She welcomes students of all ages and levels of playing. 

Erin also hold group lessons once a month. This is an opportunity to see what other students are working on and encourages progress in individual studies.

IMG_0008Samantha S., Cello
Sam Sinai’s main goal as a teacher is to empower her students to become more independent and confident as musicians and as people. Sam enjoys meeting each student where they are and finding creative ways to relay information and inspire them to grow. She believes that it is important for every student, no matter the level, to have a balance of technical study on the instrument and inspiring music-making experiences. Sam encourages her students to find their voice within the music, to express from the heart. She is knowledgeable about posture and healthy body alignment and incorporates this knowledge into lessons to ensure her students are on a path towards playing with ease.

Sam completed her undergraduate degree in Cello Performance and Music Therapy and is now a Board Certified Music Therapist. She is currently a Master's student at UW-Madison studying Cello Performance. She teaches all levels of cello, beginning/intermediate piano and beginning guitar. For more information please visit her website.

JoanJoan S., Violin
Joan is a credentialed teacher and has enhanced her teaching techniques for younger students as well as adults. Joan's philosophy is to take music with you in your private time or share with others depending on personal desires, abilities and goals. She finds songwriting fulfilling and rewarding and enjoys putting her creative talents to work by improvising church music and by playing at different venues around the area. Joan's instruction begins with basic reading of music, and a variety of techniques to improve on how to practice most efficiently. Enjoyable sounds come with many hours of practice, including position studies, songs and a fiddle tune or two for a little splash. A few lines out of different books make for interesting hours of study to prevent boredom. Ear training and theory are incorporated as a skill set where one skill builds upon another in a step by step approach. Joan encourages students to take at least one year of piano prior to violin studies, but it is absolutely a personal choice to go this avenue.


Wail-2014-758Jeff W., String Bass
Jeff is a recent graduate of UW-Madison's School of Music. His studies began with his first teacher, Rob Junceau III, continuing Into college, where he studied under Richard Davis for five years. There he performed with Davis's Black Music Ensemble, UW-Jazz Little Band and as principal bassist for UW-Madison's Symphony Orchestra. Jeff's music reflects a broad application of classical and jazz influences along with almost all other genres of music. Whether it be Metal, Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Funk, Jazz or Rap, Jeff has had professional playing experience in all and is willing to share any knowledge. Besides teaching he is working full time in 6 various bands and composes music for film. He recently won Madison Area Music Award's best bassist of the year for 2012.