Please call 920.734.1969 or email our education coordinator at for teacher availability. Lessons take place in private studios at Heid Music in Appleton.

6626hanson_heather_mmHeather A., Piano- (not currently accepting new students) Click for video introduction
Heather began teaching in a formal studio setting while in college. Since graduating with a minor in music, she continues to teach a variety of ages and abilities. Students learn music theory and technical skills while reaching their musical goals. Heather personalizes lesson plans based on the goals and needs of each student. Her students have the opportunity to perform in recitals and Solo & Ensemble as well as other public performances. She understands the importance of having a musical foundation and sees the enrichment that it brings to students. Students will always enjoy the benefits of their musical studies.

nellie_bNellie B., Piano - Click for video introduction
Nellie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music from St. Norbert College, her Masters from UW – Stevens Point, and about 20 graduate credits beyond Masters from various universities. She is offering piano and college theory prep. Nellie’s strengths are her ability to constantly read the students mind for understanding and what they can handle. Taking the new material and presenting it in manageable portions are also her strength. Nellie presents new material in a professional and friendly atmosphere. She feels counting out loud, curved fingers, note names, and practice are key ingredients.

Bio_pic-page-001Noah H., Piano - Click for video introduction
Noah Harmon has been immersed in music his entire life. As a child, he performed in many different capacities including the Appleton Boychoir, the World Old Time piano playing competition (where he received first prize), as well as various local rock and jazz bands. As a young adult, he enrolled in Lawrence University and graduated with a degree in piano performance. Since then he’s been performing in venues all across the Fox Valley and can boast 7 years teaching at Heid music. When he teaches, he makes sure his students understand how to read music – so they can appreciate and perform greats ranging from Bach to Billy Joel. Composition and improvisation lessons are also offered so sign up as soon as you can!


Mike I., Rock/Pop Piano - Click for video introduction
Pastor Mike is an instructor of Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Piano for students of all ages.  He teaches with a very individual style, allowing for differences in how each student learns and what they want to get out of lessons.  He is easy going, preferring to encourage a love for the instrument rather than force his students in a direction they don't want to go.  That said, if you want to be pushed, he will gladly provide that incentive.  He is also the Worship Coordinator at Refuge Church in Appleton.

IMG_0503Bruce K., Piano - Click for video introduction
A highly experienced instructor and performer, Bruce Koestner teaches both young and older piano students with a wide range of styles and abilities, from beginning to advanced levels. Able to offer training in both classical as well as improvisational jazz/rock genres, he understands that while the study of music is quite challenging, there is also a desire by students to keep the lessons fun and entertaining. Classes in composition and arranging are also available. Having received a music degree from Northwestern University, Bruce is currently the music director at Christus Church in Greenville, as well as a regular performer at George’s Steak House and other venues in the community. He is also a member of the Fox Valley Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association.

Head_Shots_004Jean K., Piano - Click for video introduction
Jean has a degree in piano performance from Lawrence University, and has taught for more than 30 years. Jean hopes to instill in her students a genuine love for music and piano playing in particular. She uses traditional methods and applied theory to give students a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and music enjoyment. Working with adults is a special pleasure for Jean. It seems that many adults wish they could play the piano or would like to start playing again after many years away from it. Piano playing can be a positive and enriching part of an adult’s life and Jean considers it a pleasure and privilege to be part of that process.

Martin_3428_bwTheresa M., Piano Click for video introduction
Dr. Theresa Martin has been teaching beginning to advanced-level piano, clarinet, and composition lessons at Heid Music since 2009. She also teaches adjunct clarinet at Lawrence University and UW Fox Valley and offers group composition seminars throughout the year. She teaches repertoire of various styles from classical to popular, and she promotes essential musicianship skills including note-reading, scales, theory, ear-training, and sight-reading. In her spare time she performs as a clarinetist in the Waupaca Area Orchestra, Fox Valley Concert Band, and Vento Winds, volunteers as a pianist at her church, and composes music for people all over the world. She holds a Doctorate in music composition from the University of Michigan, Masters degrees in composition and clarinet performance from Arizona State University, and a Bachelors in composition and performance from UW-Milwaukee. For more information please visit Theresa's website.

lmillerLinda M., Suzuki Piano - Click for video introduction
Linda started teaching the Suzuki approach for violin and piano in 1988, teaching ages 4 to adult. This method reasons that when a baby is born, it learns how to speak from listening and imitating sounds, followed by learning to read. This is an excellent, enjoyable way to learn music, too. Students become very skilled at their instruments and play beautifully from the heart. The Suzuki literature is specifically designed to build skills. Once basic skills are acquired, reading music begins, followed by scales and theory. This makes a well-rounded musician. The concentration required helps the brain at any age. Children learn so much from imitation, which is why this approach really works and is so much fun. Linda offers her students two recitals a year and other performance opportunities. Parents are encouraged to attend all lessons.



Heidi M., Piano
Heidi McFall is a classically trained flutist and pianist who loves sharing the joy of music with others! She has been teaching flute and piano for about 10 years, and is accepting beginning-advanced flute students, and beginning-intermediate piano students. Heidi loves the challenge of teaching students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests! She is passionate about teaching both the joy of music, and the discipline of regular practicing. Although primarily a classical flutist, Heidi has experience performing and teaching a range of styles. From classical music to contemporary chord charts and lead sheets, she is happy to help you learn to play the music you love! Heidi holds a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance from the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, a Master of Arts in Performance Studies from New York University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Maryland.