Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed (Strength 3)

Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed
Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed
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Legerenow offers Signature Series technology for alto sax. These reeds follow the spectacular success of Legere's Signature Series clarinet reeds, which have been hailed as a breakthrough in synthetic reeds. Signature Series are very playable reeds with a respond nearly identically to cane reeds. They are very natural sounding, well balanced, and very consistent. Signature Series alto sax reeds will not warp and are available in strengths 2 - 3.5.


  • High-quality synthetic reeds
  • Instant response, no pre-moistening needed. 
  • Extremely consistent without the hassle that comes from the natural reed.
  • Natural tone and feel
  • Unaffected by weather - humid, dry, hot or cold
  • Long lasting
  • Will not warp
  • Available in strengths of 2 - 3.5
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