Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed (Strength 3)

Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed
Legere Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed
Legerenow offers Signature Series technology for alto sax. These reeds follow the spectacular success of Legere's Signature Series clarinet reeds, which have been hailed as a breakthrough in synthetic reeds. Signature Series are very playable reeds with a respond nearly identically to cane reeds. They are very natural sounding, well balanced, and very consistent. Signature Series alto sax reeds will not warp and are available in strengths 2 - 3.5.


  • High-quality synthetic reeds
  • Instant response, no pre-moistening needed. 
  • Extremely consistent without the hassle that comes from the natural reed.
  • Natural tone and feel
  • Unaffected by weather - humid, dry, hot or cold
  • Long lasting
  • Will not warp
  • Available in strengths of 2 - 3.5
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