LefreQue Sound Bridge 41MMRBGP (Red Brass Gold Plated)

sku# B41MMRBGP
LefreQue Sound Bridge
LefreQue Sound Bridge

Why lefreQue?

The lefreQue is a must-have sound bridge that will make all wind instruments sound better. It consists of a bridge built up by two metal elements that repair the sound breaches which occur in different parts of a wind instrument. The lefreQue attaches to brass and woodwind instruments alike, using a specially developed elastic band (not included*) leaving the instrument itself unchanged. 

Although seemingly a simple solution, the lefreQue sound bridge is a high tech product. It’s unique design is the result of many years of passionate scientific research and development. LefreQue sound bridges combine an unequalled acoustic performance with a universal and easy fit. All materials are carefully selected and partially hand crafted. LefreQue sound bridges enhance the sound characteristics of all wind instruments. Once you go lefreQue, you will never go back.

*LefreQue elastic bands vary by instrument. (a trumpet band will not fit a clarinet, for example)  To ensure you have the correct size and tension for your instrument,  lefreQue elastic attachment bands are sold separately.

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