School Music - Keys to Higher Learning  

The Heid Music team prides itself on being a value-added resource for music education.  We understand that a successful music program relies on quality instruments as essential equipment. With over 75 years of experience working with music educators, administration and the community to enhance music programs and forge collaborations, we are ready to work with you on understanding your goals and how to make a plan to bring them to fruition. 
The first steps include understanding your current piano inventory and your performance, practice, and technology needs. Then we roll into understanding your budget and what may be additional resources to work with to support the long-term investment. 
Let’s dive into resources that we can assist with as your piano partner.  There are sometimes this can happen with just one resource used and others that you may need to use a mix, such as 
  • Buy a Key/piano fundraising programs (see more below) 
  • Technology Funding-grants 
  • Music-parent booster club support 
  • Legacy programs 
  • Matching funds 
  • ESSR funding support 
  • Artist workshop and program assistance 
  • Flexible financing and lease options 
What does a fund-raising support program look like?  We are glad you asked.  When you work with the piano team at Heid Music, we are happy to help in providing access to various tools that we can create with you to help you in sharing your music story with funders. 
  1. Your Story:  Sharing what you are looking to have for the music program and how it will help the students, the community and create a long-term benefit is key 
  2. Creating a Team: Who are the ambassadors’ you can help engage on your pursuits and what skills do each of them have to own an area to help assist the cause 
  3. Finding the donors & promoting your desires: getting the word out through social media, events, newsletters, in-school materials helps to make it easier to engage more people to give & be involved.  
The Promotion of your program needs: 
Signage/Templates:  Heid Music is happy to work with you in providing tools to increase the visibility to your goals.  In working with us on your piano selection, we will make these templates/tools available to you and customized to your school 
Option 1 - A or B: Keys to Success
  • The piano image acts like a thermometer for you to track your progress to goal 
  • You can pre-select if you want a template that names which piano you are fundraising for or leave it more general if you are raising for multiple units etc. As you reach each tier of the goal, you mark off progress. 
    • Optional to have amount goals preprinted or you can mark them in yourself 
  • Tips: 
    • Set a total fundraising dollar amount, that includes not only the price of the piano, but also items and needs like moving, a dolly, and accessories such as a piano lamp and cover 
    • Also, never underestimate who can be engaged and remember that every $1 makes a difference 
    • What are the different ways that you can tell the story of how music makes a difference and having the right tools to make the music makes a difference 
  • Consider including a maintenance fund or budget as part of the campaign and total fundraising amount 
  • We suggest using each white key as marking point, though it is your choice how to indicate where and how often dollar amounts on the piano thermometer are presented 
  • Whichever format you choose – Heid Music will print with your school logo and any additional links to information about your program you want on the piece, we will also provide the   template in digital format for cross marketing purposes (landing page, social, email…)