Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo

sku# BJPC1010
Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo
Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo



The Jupiter JPC1010 Piccolo features a heavy resin body and head that mimic the sound and feel of a real wood piccolo. Though designed with a sound for the stage, the resin body allows this piccolo to be played outdoors without the worry of cracking. 

Why Heid? All Flutes and Piccolos at Heid Music are professionally maintained by Jeff Tellock:

Jupiter JPC1010 Features:

  • ABS Resin Body provides durability regardless of the venue
  • ABS Resin Headjoint offers tone and durability
  • Conical Bore is offers excellent intonation
  • Key of C
  • Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys
  • Plateau Keys
  • ABS Molded Case included
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