Jiggs pBone Mini Plastic Alto Trombone - Blue

Free Shipping on Mini pBones today at heidmusic.com
Free Shipping on Mini pBones today at heidmusic.com

Little pBone.  Big deal.

The makers of the groundbreaking Jiggs pBone now bring you the pBone Mini! This fully functioning Eb Alto Trombone has seven full positions and comes with a mouthpiece specially designed to aid the young brass player.  But don't worry, pro players...any small shank mouthpiece will fit the pBone Mini, making this a great addition to any trombone collection.

Available in Blue or Red.  Mouthpiece & case included.


  • Fully functioning Eb Alto Trombone
  • Light & durable construction
  • For young students, it's the perfect introduction to the world of brass
  • For experienced players, it's a cost effective alto trombone & a flashy addition to your trombone arsenal

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