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Instruments Near Me and Homes for Sale

How is purchasing an instrument like buying a house? 

An op-ed piece by a Heid Music employee

In a meeting the other day, a co-worker said that purchasing a new instrument is a lot like buying a home or getting married. I immediately perked up and asked why as I am personally inundated with “homes for sale” in my inbox and wishful search history. I am fairly certain I can pick out a ukulele much faster than purchasing a new home or getting married, as one would hope. They clarified that they meant the “forever” instrument and explained that while similar in the serious nature of the decision, it is not literally the same (thank goodness). 



Each scenario is similar because of these few reasons:


  • Your Forever Instrument will take time to research


    What feel do you want your guitar or violin to have? What type of material is ideal? What tone are you hoping to achieve? What is your budget?  What financing opportunities are you able to take advantage of? There is a reason that “homes for sale” or “used cars near me” is a part of our search history. It’s an important purchase that needs to be planned out. All of these and more are important questions to find the answer to prior to making this big purchase.


  • Your Forever Instrument needs to be tested prior to purchase


    Much like taking the car out for a road test, make time to test out your instrument prior to purchase. Does it have all the qualities that you are looking for. If something seems off while testing it, then a change in direction can be made prior to spending your hard-earned cash.


  •  An expert should guide you through the journey to Your Forever Instrument
  • Ask an Expert

    For homes, you have a realtor. For cars, you have a car salesperson or mechanic. For getting married, you have your best friend who would not lie to you about how they feel about your choice of partner. Similarly, you have your friends at Heid Music who can help guide you through the process of Your Forever Instrument. With an experienced staff of Music Enthusiasts, Luthiers, Repair Technicians and more at the ready, you will be prepped with all the information you need to find the “one.” Instrument, that is.


  • Planned care is a must for Your Forever Instrument


    For anything to be “forever” it takes proper maintenance.  How many times should you bring it in for a tune up? Who do you go to when something breaks or starts to sound different? What financial protection is available for a large purchase? You want Your Forever Instrument in tune and ready at a moment's notice. This takes planned maintenance and thoughtful care. 


    Even though it may seem like a long road, this journey toward Your Forever Instrument doesn’t have to cause you to be weary. The prize is being able to take home something that you will adore for years and years, and thankfully doesn’t experience a backed-up sewer or talk …. ever. If you’d like to get the process started and hang out with one of our Music Enthusiasts, stop in to one of our stores or set an appointment here.