Humes & Berg Stonelined Trombone Straight Mute 151

sku# B151
humes and berg 151 Trombone Straight Mute
humes and berg 151 Trombone Straight Mute



Need a straight mute for jazz and classical? Reach for the Humes & Berg Stonelined Trombone Straight Mute 151! Perfectly in-tune and perfect for any style!

Willie Berg invented Stonelined Mutes in 1935, and they still use that same "secret formula" today. Stonelined Mutes play perfectly in tune and are easy blowing, making it possible to achieve that perfect professional sound all the time.  The Trumpet Straight Mute 101 is one of many fine Stonelined Mutes offered by Humes & Berg.

Wanna hear how it sounds? Click the Video tab to see and hear this cup mute in action!

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