Hohner Universal Harmonica Holder

sku# BHH154
Hohner Universal Harmonica Holder
Hohner Universal Harmonica Holder




The original Hohner harmonica holder offers perfect solutions when playing harmonica together with guitar or other instruments. Its construction assures a good and secured positioning of the harmonica. Fits all harmonicas. Great for buskers or any performer who wants to play harmonica while they are playing guitar.
The clamp grips the harmonica and the support goes round your neck holding the harmonica in front of your mouth. It is fully adjustable with the wingnuts so you can position it correctly.
Suits all diatonic, chromatic, octave, tremolo and other harmonicas up to 190mm in width. Small adjustable arms allow support for the rear of the harmonica.


  • Genuine Hohner product
  • Suits all diatonic, chromatic, octave and other harmonicas up to 190mm in width
  • All solid metal construction
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect for the blues
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