Hidersine Violin/ Viola Rosin

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ab violin/ viola rosin
ab violin/ viola rosin



Our world famous Hidersine Rosin is made from a carefully selected blend of wax and pine resin. This special blend is the reason we are the premier choice of rosin amongst musicians. In order to create our rosin, we first heat our carefully selected blend of ingredients, allowing the wax and resin to melt and mix together. Once the rosin is to temperature is a poured by into a small pouring jug and then poured directly into the mould which has already been placed on our Hidersine branded cloth. Whilst the rosin is still in the mould, they are flamed to remove any surface imperfections. Our rosin is still made in the same way, using the same recipe that was first developed by Francis Hider, almost 100 years ago. In doing so, we maintain a handmade, authentic and artisan connection to our product and to the musicians who use it.

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