Hetman Medium Bearing Oil #13.5

sku# BAMAHEA14MW85
Hetman Medium Bearing Oil
Hetman Medium Bearing Oil



The Hetman synthetic lubricants are about the best lubricating products available for brass or woodwind instruments. They have a broad range of products for piston and rotary valves as well as trombone slide lubricants.

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B2942BSG Bach Tuning Slide Grease keeps brass instruments in proper working order.


BAMAHEXXMW30 Hetman 3 Classic Piston Valve Oil is specially designed for use with classic or vintage trumpets, cornets, & valve instruments. H3-CP-60 Hetman Lubricants


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BAMAHEXXMW70 Hetman Rotor Lubricant is for musical instrument rotors and valve casings. Hetman Lubricants


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