To Play, follow Heid Music on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye out, because clues and close-up images of the sought after item will begin to populate our pages on the third Tuesday of each month and the seeking will begin.
After reading the clues, visit your nearest Heid Music location and browse the store for the described product, which will be subtly tagged with a Heid 'n Seek Sticker. Present your find to a Music Enthusiast, 
The first THREE seekers to correctly idenfity our featured item in-store (at your local Heid Music) will receive a Heid Music gift card!

July Clues


Clue #1:

Pages and pages of history in musical ink.

A story told melodically, now transpired through notes and rhythm in sync.

Critically acclaimed, this Broadway hit has captivated many ears.

This item brings musical melodies to life that have been stuck in the heads of our peers.


Clue #2:

Not bronze, not silver but gold covers the face of this product.

Tall he stands on the cover, and at attention, ready to conduct.

While large in popularity and monumental in success,

This product is quite compact, thin and easy to access.



These seekers were the first to successfully identify our sought-after item in-store.

Thank you to all who stopped in and had some fun with our Heid 'n Seek event.








The never-interesting but always important fine print:

Heid ‘n Seek is a monthly scavenger-hunt-style contest, with clues released on Heid Music’s Facebook and Twitter accounts the third Tuesday of every month, February-December 2018. No purchase is necessary to participate. One winner per person/household per month. Contest continues each month until three winners correctly identify the product in-store and claim their prize. If no winner (or less than three winners) do not come forward in a given month, the contest shall expire without a winner(s) at 11:59 p.m. CST on the final day of that month. Winner must physically identify the product at a Heid Music store by presenting the tagged/stickered product to a Heid Music employee. Upon winning, he/she must complete a Media Release Form, thus giving Heid Music permission to promote his/her first name and likeness in promotional materials, including but not limited to social media. In-store photo is optional. Heid Music employees and their families are not eligible to win. Heid Music bears no responsibility, including but not limited to loss or theft, for winnings once claimed. Heid Music bears no responsibility for any property or bodily damages incurred to participants while traveling to store locations and/or while searching in-store. Questions/concerns should be directed to Marketing@HeidMusic.com.