Guitars for Vets




Official Guitars for Vets Donation Site

Music heals. That's why we've become an official donation site for Guitars for Vets.

When you donate your used guitar (or any used instrument) at a Heid Music location, the resale value goes to Guitars for Vets, which, in turn, provides each participating veteran with free guitar instructions, a new acoustic guitar and a guitar accessory kit.


More than 2,500 guitars and 25,000 guitar lessons -- and counting! -- have been provided to help veterans find self-expression, create human connections, and cope with physical and emotional distresses like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTDS). 

How You Can Help

Programs like this depend on generous contributors like you. To make a tax-deductible musical-instrument donation today, visit your local Heid Music location. Or go to to make a monetary contribution.

Share Our Story

Download this free informational poster to hand out in your community, share on social media or give to someone who might be interested in getting involved.