#Give70 - A giving campaign commemorating our 70th year


Heid Music has been an active member of our communities since 1948. During that time, we have given back through a variety of ways, including donating our time, talents and resources.
As we celebrate our 70th anniversary this year, we are thrilled to engage our team in the process of giving and making a positive impact on the lives of others!

What is #Give70?


#Give70 is our way of saying “thank you" to those who have supported us over the years, while serving as a platform to make a difference at the same time. In fact, #Give70 is just one way we’ll be participating in fun, engaging programming aimed at celebrating our customers, communities and team members in 2018.

How does #Give70 work?

All Heid Music team members have an opportunity to select a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to receive a $70 gift from Heid Music. In addition, team members may make an even bigger impact by adding onto the $70 gift with a donation value of their choice.
Even better, we’re opening up the campaign to all qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, from food banks to humane societies, in our Wisconsin and Upper Penninsula service areas! While we typically keep Heid Music donations connected to our mission of supporting music and music education in our communities, #Give70 is a unique opportunity in that all established 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations are eligible because we know that our people are difference-makers and that they’re deeply rooted in their communities.

Follow Along & Share Your #Give70 Story

Each month, we'll feature some of our nonprofit recipients and photos of our team members and their testimonials on social media:
And just maybe this will be the inspiration you and others in our communities need to go out and spread some goodwill. If you do, we invite you to share your story with us on social media by tagging @HeidMusic and using #Give70.


Tracey_628x628"I've always found positive energy in the outdoors and I am lucky enough to live just down the road from High Cliff State Park. It is a pretty awesome playgroun situated on limestone cliffs overlooking the largest inland lake in Wisconsin. Every day it offers amazing beauty and endless inspiration, from the early morning misty moonsets to the evening owl conversations. With state natural resource budgets being deeply cut, we need to do what we can to preserve jewels like High Cliff. The Friends of High Cliff State Park is an organization that helps pay it forward to Mother Nature by supporting the educational rpgorams, maintenance and enhancement of hte park through volunteer services and fundraising. We do this so everyone can experience the wonders of nature and refresh their spirits, disconnect from devices and enjoy the outdoors right here in our own little corner of the world."


Sue_Leibsle" I chose to share my #Give70 gift with the Adams County Humane Society. They help numberous pets find their forever homes each year, including my little buddy, Darla!"








" I chose the Rosholt Area Friends of the Arts Program because I know some of the young students involved. The RAFA program provides the opportunity for these students to explore and develop an interest in all areas of music and theater. I am proud to support young students and their families!"






Audrey_800x800" I chose Savings Paws because I love animals. Savings Paws is a no kill rescue shelter that is run entirely by volunteers. They provide a caring and loving environment for abandoned animals."






Megan_500x500"I elected for the Christine Anne Domestic Abuse Services to receive a donation because I strive to support organizations that impact & empower women and children. They are there to provide the utmost support during a time when, it may seem to some women, that nobody is there for them. I hope that they continue to help women & children in my community for many years to come, because everyone needs to know that someone is there for them, especially during their darkest days." - Megan



Brandon_500x500"I feel the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra should have my donation nomination because they're on a mission to build community through music in order to engage, educate and enrich the lives of those living in Oshkosh and beyond." - Brandon





Morgan_500x500"I chose Saving Paws Animal Rescue because I volunteered there during high school and our family adopted one of our dogs from Savings Paws. From these experiences I got to see how many animals they help and how kind the volunteers are. I have a lot of different pets at home so finding an organization that works to improve the lives of animals is very important to me." - Morgan




Tyler_500x500Tyler - Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra







Andrea_500x500"I chose Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin to donate to because I don't think anyone should go hungry. I've struggled in the past and not being able to feed your family is a horrible feeling that no one should have to experience." - Andrea





Jill_500x500"I chose to #Give70 to Unity Hospice in Green Bay in memory of my grandma. She spent her last days at Unity Hospice and our family was so impressed with the personalized care she received. Their staff made a very difficult time a bit easier. The hospice nurses are truly angels on earth!" - Jill





"I do feel a community band is a way to keep people active in music of all ages, and so I chose to #Give70 to the Neenah Community Band. I live in the town of Neenah and I enjoy any fine arts and activites that help enrich our community. Who knows... maybe someday when I retire I may want to join." - Tim

"I love animals. My 3 cats are extremely spoiled. I chose the Fox Valley Humane Association to receive this donation in hopes that it can be used to spoil some other well deserving creatures who are not as fortunate." - Amanda



Megan_Andrews_800x800"I chose Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra because it is an organization that I have the privilage to be a part of and one that gives young musicians in Wisconsin the opportunity to play music together at an advanced level." - Megan






Alex_Bosman_800x800"I chose Cross Roads @ Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay because of the impact they have on education in our community. I remember Coggin Heeringa as one of our music teachers in elementary school before she became the director at Crossroads. Crossroads has been a pillar for environmental conservation and education in Sturgeon Bay and is still one of my favorite places to go when I am home." - Alex





Patrick_800x800"The Middleton Outreach Ministry is an incredible organization in the greater Madison area. They are tireless and vigilant in helping those among us who struggle with homelessness and hunger. I'm proud to aid them in their mission, and thankful that Heid Music is providing this gift through their #Give70 campaign." - Patrick






Jonathan_Leahy"New Voices Choir is a musical organization with very few equals in Wisconsin, and produces amazing choral performances highlighting the amazingly talented vocalists here in the Valley (many of whom are music educators). Their holiday concerts are beloved fixtures of the community that people look forward to every year. They also highlight important social issues in their programs, bringing a much-needed voice to groups in our communities in need of help and awareness." - Jonathan





Debbie_Olson_800x800"For Heid Music's #Give70 campaign, I chose Lupus Foundation of America, Milwaukee Chapter in honor of my sister Sharon who I consider a SUPERWOMAN tackling the challenges of Lupus. Awareness to this disease is important to find the cure. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that attacks your own body's healthy tissues, causing inflammation that can affect many organ systems including lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, and also causes severe fatigue and stiff and painful joints. Lupus Foundation is working diligently to find a cure, which is important to me to assist in my sister's health and all who battle this mysterious disease." - Debbie




Kari_Phipps_800x800"The Mile of Music Education Fund provides access to more musical opportunities for youth of the Appleton Area School District. I've been a music teacher for 33 years and so I have seen the value that music provides in the lives of our community members. A solid music education has many benefits including heightened academic achievements and social skills." - Kary





Marty - Oshkosh Chamber Singers




Travis_Heid_800x800"I chose to get involved with St. Baldrick's Foundation on a whim, as they were having an event near me. After signing up, I realized just how amazing of an organization this is. They are changing lives with research devoted specifically to childhood cancer, as well as taking care of families of children who have been affected by this horrible disease. After doing an event and meeting these families, it's impossible to not get involved." - Travis





Veronica_DeLisle_800x800"I chose the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra because I am a firm believe that music makes a large difference for kids and teens growing up. It helps them develop many important characteristics such as responsibility, hard work, patience and determination. Music is a fun and interactive way to allow kids to make the best of their experiences both in and out of schools!" - Veronica





Jacci_800x800"I chose the Edgerton Performing Arts Center because of my passion to keep music and the arts alive through the schools and community. My family is fairly new to the Edgerton area. I've seen what a wonderful performing arts center this small city has. I hope to see the arts and music scene grow and expand so future generations can participate in and enjoy music as much as I do!" - Jacci





Melanie_800x800"I chose the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra for #Give70 because I've really enjoyed their concerts in Stevens Point over the past year. It's such a wonderful program and we're so lucky to have them in this community. They bring together not only people from the University, but from all over the area to create music." - Melanie






Russ_Nau_800x800"I chose Music for the Sake of Music because they provide a free and unique experience for students of all ages. It brings quality music and music instruction to many who would not be exposed to it otherwise." - Russ






Tracy_Potter_800x800"I chose to give to the Sun Prairie Band Boosters so they can continue to provide opportunities to young talented musicians. Not only did I play for the SP bands, my son did as well and now my very talented niece plays for SOSP. She played at Carnegie Hall this past February, thanks to the help she received from our community!" - Tracy






Jeff_Tellock_800x800"The organization that I have chosen to #Give70 to is the Fox Valley Humane Association. We have rescued some animals from the shelter and made donations for several years. They do a great job for those who cannot take care of themselves." - Jeff






Jon - Golden House in Green Bay



Justin_Cohen_800x800"I knew I wanted to give to a school. With more and more music programs being cash short or starting to be cut, it only made sense to give to a school. Music has been important in my life and it should be a choice given to any and every kid who wants to participate in school band or extracurricular activities involving music. That's why I chose the Appleton Area School District: Wilson Middle School to receive from Heid Music's #Give70 campaign." - Justin





KenSkitch_800x800"Jazz music has been such a big part of my life, both as a performer and listener. I co-lead the Big Band Reunion and have actually performed on two occasions at the Fox Cities Building for the Arts - Jazz at the Trout. I appreciate their efforts to keep Jazz music alive in the area." - Ken






CraigMason_800x800"Jazz at Five in Madison is a relatively new venture but has has great success already. Personally, I have performed there three times as a musician and director. The audiences have been very enthusiastic and fill the top of State Street!" - Craig






JoshKoteski_800x800"I chose the Shapiro STEM Academy - Oshkosh because I feel the school gives everything that it can to the students. I am involved in the PTO there, so I personally see how a donation of any amount can help school programs." - Josh






Jake - Bay Area Humane Society



KatieSchmidt_800x800"The Lawrence University Girl's Choir has profoundly impacted my life. Girl choir aided me in developing my skills as a musician and empowered me as a young woman. Seeing an all-female run organization really does make a difference in a young woman's life. The camaraderie among the women in the choir gave me lifelong friends. I am so grateful for the many opportunities I received from Girl Choir and I hope many more get the same opportunity." - Katie





ZachOstrowski_800x800"I chose Guitar 4 Vets because my dad and a lot of my family members are veterans. Supporting them is something that I believe in and I'm glad Heid Music has a relationship with such a great organization that is helping make a difference in the lives and well-being of our heroes." - Zach






Emily_800x800"The Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center holds a special plave in my heart nestled in the musical community that I serve through Heid Music. This small village pulled together to build not only a state of the art performing arts center, but a new community venter and aquatics center as well. It is a community gem to be enjoyed by all." - Emily




Connie_800x800"Madison Girls Rock Camp's mission, to build positive self-esteem through music, spoke directly to my heart as a mother of a special needs child. In a safe, accepting environment, my daughter was encouraged to express herself freely and creatively and was celebrated for being exactly who she is. Collaborating with her peers, writing song lyrics, creating melodies and performng on stage, Mackay was no longer the "girl who looks different." At Girls Rock Camp, she was one of the "Fire Flyz" (her band) and she was a rock star! THAT is the power of music." - Connie




Deb_800x800"Being a part of such a great group of people and musicians has brought the joy of music back into my life. I decided to join the Kimberly Community Band shortly after starting to work for Heid Music. Hearing all the kids play during their lesson times made me realize how much I missed playing the clarinet." - Deb






Kristin_cropped"The Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra's mission is to build community through music. As a member of the Oshkosh community, I appreciate the outreach efforts to the schools and the addition the orchestra adds to the depth of the cultural tapestry of the Oshkosh Community." - Kristin





Mike_800x800"Both of my golden retrievers, Sandy and Daisy, were found in the newspaper. I didn't think there was any other way to bring the best type of dog in the world into your house. I found the Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin and couldn't believe all of the dogs in need of a home. Someday, we would love to be a foster family or a forever home for a golden from GRRoW. Daisy, unfortunately, passed away, but 10-year-old Sandy is still in great health for her age. When we are ready for another golden, we will be contacting GRRoW." - Mike




Rockie_800x800"I have personally struggled with anorexia on and off over the last 15 years. The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders offers free services where you can request support groups, a grocery buddy, toolkits, phone helplines, and get the help you need to recover. I have been in recovery for six years, and am currently a mentor through ANAD. It is an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to help give back to individuals through this organization and to show them that there is life after an eating disorder." - Rockie