Flute Concerto in A Minor RV. 445 by Antonio Vivaldi

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Flute concerto am vivaldi
Flute concerto am vivaldi



Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer from the Baroque era. The compositional catalog of Vivaldi is very long catalog of music. Of those pieces he composed, hundreds were concertos for different instruments with a group of four concertos known as "The Four Seasons" being his best known.That is not to say however that these are his only concertos. Among the other instruments that Vivaldi composed concertos for was the recorder. The Concerto in A Minor, RV. 445 is one of these recorder concertos. During the Baroque era, the modern flute as we know it now did not exist. The recorder was an incredibly popular instrument at the time and acted as a flute does in modern orchestras. As time progressed, the recorder faded out of orchestras and the flute took its place. Many of the pieces written for recorder, such as this concerto, can now be played on the modern flute or piccolo. 

Instrumentation: Flute (Or Piccolo or Recorder) and Piano 

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