Fishman Aura Sixteen Acoustic Imaging Pedal

Fishman Aura Sixteen Acoustic Imaging Pedal
Fishman Aura Sixteen Acoustic Imaging Pedal
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Easy to set up and use, Fishman's Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging guitar effects pedal eliminates intrusive stage noise and expensive microphone setups, allowing you to reveal the true, unique voice of your guitar on stage or in the studio.
The Aura Sixteen guitar pedal comes with the Aura Image Gallery software that provides access to an ever-expanding list of recorded instruments using world-class studio mics and techniques. Simply connect to your PC or Mac using the included USB cable and download Images for your instrument(s) from Fishman's extensive Image library.
  • VOLUME - for setting the output level of the Aura
  • SELECT - for choosing which guitar/mic image to use
  • BLEND - balance between the dry pickup signal and the image tone (straight up at 12 o'clock is 50/50)
Factory Loaded Images:
1 Spruce Rosewood DPA® 4011
2 Spruce Mahogany Soundelux® E47
3 Spruce Rosewood Soundelux® E47
4 Spruce Rosewood Neumann® KM84
5 Spruce Rosewood Schoeps® CMC64
6 Spruce Rosewood Schoeps® CMC64
7 Spruce Rosewood Shure® KSM141
8 Spruce Rosewood Neumann® M147
9 Spruce Rosewood Neumann® M147
10 Spruce Rosewood Schoeps® CMC64
11 Spruce Mahogany AKG® C414
12 Spruce Rosewood Neumann® U87
13 Spruce Rosewood Neumann® U87
14 Composite Composite DPA® 4011
15 Spruce Rosewood Neumann® M147
16 Spruce Mahogany Shure® SM57
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