First Recital Album

sku# 11776KE
11776KE First Recital Album
11776KE First Recital Album


WSMA Contest Number: 4111C12 Trumpet Solo, Class C


Product #: 11776
Credits: Various/ Balent
Series: Trumpet Solo
Instrumentation: Trumpet Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Grade: 2-3
The eleven grade 2-3 trumpet solos featured in this collection present a variety of styles and tempi. They are enjoyable performance pieces for players at all levels, and the piano accompaniment is very accessible.
Easy Does It! (Balent)
Runabout (Balent)
Santa Lucia (Cottrau)
Sea Chantey Variations (traditional)
Steady Journey (Balent)
Remembering (Balent)
Summer Breeze (Balent)
Neopolitan Dance (Tschaikowsky)
Happy Times (Balent)
Thoughts Of Home (Balent)
The Dancing Trumpet (Balent)
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