Fiddle Tunes for Beginning Viola w CD

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Fiddle Tunes Cover
Fiddle Tunes Cover



This book contains a selection of fiddle tunes arranged for the beginning viola player. The idea is to supply a sampling of melodies that will give almost instant gratification to the novice. One of the drawbacks of the classic way of teaching viola is the boredom of some of the early pedagogic repertoire. This book is meant to be an antidote to that tedium. Fiddle tunes are great ways to become accustomed to typical manipulations of major scales and to introduce the sound of arpeggios. The only technical requisite for the music is the ability to play a major scale of some sort. The tunes were chosen for their fun melodic content while demonstrating some typical aspects of fiddling. They are grouped by key with a couple of exceptions and roughly arranged in order of difficulty within each key group. 

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