Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp

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Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
  • Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
  • Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
  • Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
  • Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
  • Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp
  • Fender Mustang GT100 Guitar Amp


How can a modern legend like the Mustang digital amplifiers be improved? Simple—we do it again, bigger and better with the 100-watt Mustang GT 100. We take seven decades’ worth of experience crafting inspirational tools and use it to add new (and better) amp and effects models while making it easier to use all of this without sacrificing one iota of power. We make it easy to control a studio’s worth of authentic amp and effects models with one finger via Bluetooth and the exclusive Fender Tone app.
We invent the world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amplifier, making it easy for you to download the latest updates, access Fender artist-created presets, and connect directly with a community of other creative players and music makers like yourself.
We create the Mustang GT 100 digital amplifier.


  • 100-watt WiFi-equipped digital amplifier
  • One 12" Celestion® Special Design speaker
  • Free, exclusive Tone App for one-touch preset access, management and editing
  • New models and effects with “spillover”
  • Bluetooth audio streaming and control
  • Onboard 60-second looper; setlist support
  • Optional MGT-4 footswitch for control of presets and effects, tuner and looper access
Mustang GT is the world’s first WiFi-equipped amplifier. Users can access Fender artist-created presets, download the latest firmware updates and connect directly with a community of players to share user presets, playing tips and more. Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device, or customize a preset from across the room with an iOS or Android smartphone, using the Tone app.
Mustang GT includes both genre-specific and artist-specific presets—created by the artists themselves. No other manufacturer has Fender’s access to inspiring artists across such a wide variety of genres, from R&B to metal to pop to jazz.
The free, exclusive Fender Tone app uses an intuitive interface to access a virtually endless number of presets, add one-touch control to the Mustang GT’s power and connect to the Fender Digital ecosystem for learning, demoing and sharing presets.
The crystal-clear, LCD color display makes it easy to see amp and effect settings at a glance. Add to that the large encoder dial and three soft-touch keys and you have a powerful, intuitive interface that makes it easy to find your sound.
Mustang GT 100 incorporates Celestion® Special Design speakers that not only enhance your instrument’s tone, they sound great when streaming Bluetooth audio.
The optional MGT-4 4-button footswitch unlocks the GT 100’s powerful onboard looping capabilities—with up to 60 seconds of record time. The looper can be used as a creative tool to create lush, multi-layered soundscapes, as a practice companion to hear scales and chords in context or as a writing partner to work out ideas on the fly.

Shipping limited to the United States only.
Footswitch 4-Button (MGT-4 Preset/FX Switching and Looper), P/N: 0994071000 (Not Included)
Voltage 120V  Wattage 100 Watts Controls Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Master, Encoder, Three Layer Buttons, FX Button, Save Button, Menu Button, Tap Button  Channels One Inputs One - 1/4"  Effects 21 Amp Models, 46 Effects Effects Loop 1/4" Stereo - (Send/Return)  Line Out One - (1/8" Stereo)
Cabinet Material 5-Ply 5/8" Lightweight Plywood  Amplifier Covering Black Textured Vinyl Grille Cloth Black  Front Panel Black Handle Soft-Touch Flip Handle
Legal Notice Product Prices, Features, Specifications and Availability Are Subject To Change Without Notice
Speakers One - 12" Custom Celestion®  Total Impedance 8 ohms
Amp Height 17.5" (44.5 cm)  Amp Width 20.5" (52.1 cm) Amp Length 10" (25.4 cm)  Amp Weight 22 lbs. (9.97 kg)
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