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Monday, March 13, 2023 - Saturday, March 18, 2023

Crescendo Oshkosh-Premiere Step-Up Event

All Day Event

The time is now to step-up your sound!

Crescendo Oshkosh Event Website


March 13 - 18, 2023 @ Heid Music Oshkosh

Calling all band and orchestra music stars!⭐

Visit Heid Music Oshkosh for Crescendo, an event where you can audition your dream instrument and take your musical journey to the next level. At Crescendo, you'll enjoy a curated experience that enhances your unique musical style. Sample a range of step-up instruments that will help you achieve a richer tone and greater playability, and find your next musical companion while exploring diverse accessories. Take advantage of exclusive deals and financing options, including up to $200 in instant rebates on select items.

Exclusive Crescendo Deals
  • 20% off Instrument & Music Stands
  • 25% off Bows
  • 20% off Cases
  • 15% off Mouthpieces & Ligatures
  • Up to $200 in Instant Rebates on Select Items

Who: Band and orchestra musicians

What: A chance to try out various step-up instruments so you can find your perfect next musical companion!

When: March 13 - March 18, 2023

Where: Heid Music Oshkosh | 1750 W South Park Ave

While appointments with our Music Enthusiasts are encouraged, they are not required to participate in this fantastic event. Click the button below to schedule an appointment and step up your sound with Crescendo!

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Why step-up?

With a step-up instrument, you will experience...

  • Smooth action, sensitive response and robust bold sound
  • Easier to play in the extreme registers and responds quickly to meet the demands of difficult playing
  • Improved craftsmanship and materials; a handmade instrument allows for a better-balanced instrument, leading to improved musicianship, performance and enjoyment
  • Instruments made from the highest quality materials to produce the best tone with the least resistance
  • A performance-level instrument durable enough to hold up the demands of the player

Learn more about our step-up program HERE!

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