Evans Torque Key

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Evans Torque Key
Evans Torque Key



Preset Your Tuning Tension for Even Tuning!
Tuning with the Evans Torque Drum Key is painless, thanks to its convenient handle dial design. With it, you can pre-set the Torque Drum Key to release at a specified tension - that way, you will ensure even tuning and each and every lug. Other quality features on the popular Torque Drum Key include an ergonomic handle for tuning comfort and a knurled knob for easy drumhead changes. Plus, for additional convenience when you're tuning your drums, there's also a non-slip magnetized head on the Evans Torque Drum Key.


  • Dial can be set to release at a specified tension
  • Knurled knob and ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip magnetized head
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