Evans 18" Calftone Bass Head

sku# DBD18CT

This 18" drum head is made using a 12mil Mylar base blended with unique materials, the Evans Calftone bass drumheads give you a classic warm, full, and rich tone. Can be be used as both a batter and resonant head.
Let’s take it back to the Golden Era. The jazz greats. The rock legends. They created that sweet vintage tone you know and love. Now, Evans is digging up the sound of the past and injecting it with the innovation we’ve been known for since we first powered up our Dodge City factory. Manufactured in New York, Evans ‘56 Calftone gets down with that classic calfskin sound, all through the magic of modern technology. That’s because they’re made from advanced synthetic materials that sound, look, and feel like your favorite calfskins, plus they’re all fitted with D’Addario’s Level 360 Technology™.
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