Eastman Brazilwood 1/2 Bass Bow - French Style

sku# OBB20F12
brazilwood model 20 bass
brazilwood model 20 bass



Our entry-level brazilwood bows allow students on a budget to enjoy the advantages of hand-made quality. Starting with strong, aged brazilwood sticks, our bowmakers construct bows the old-fashioned way. Ebony frogs fully mounted in nickel silver and mother-of-pearl, leather and imitation whalebone grips, and quality unbleached Mongolian horsehair all contribute to a bow that will assist and reward a beginning player’s efforts. Material: Brazilwood Frog: Fully lined ebony frogs mounted in nickel silver and mother-of-pearl Lapping: Silver-plated wire winding or imitation whalebone Grip: Genuine leather grip Hair: Genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair Available Sizes: 4/4 - 1/16

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