EarthQuaker Devices Bellows Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

Earthquaker Bellows Fuzz Pedal
Earthquaker Bellows Fuzz Pedal



Get pure, unadulterated dirt with the phenomenal EarthQuaker Devices Bellows Fuzz pedal. It's a two-knob, transistor-based fuzz pedal that brings real vintage distortion to your pedal board.  Dial it back for grit, dial it up for floor-blasting fuzz - the Bellows is the real deal. Works well for both guitar & bass.

Hear it in now:

EarthQuaker Devices Bellows Fuzz Features:

  • Ships Free from
  • Level Control - Adjusts output level by setting bias voltage of the transistor
  • Drive Control - Controls the input gain, like a volume knob on a non-master amp
  • True Bypass with Relay Based Soft Touch Switching
  • Handmade in Akron, Ohio


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