Dunlop Flow Variety Pick Pack

sku# CPVP114
Dunlop Flow Variety Pick Pack
Dunlop Flow Variety Pick Pack

Flow Picks feature a wide angle, sharp tip, beveled edge, and low-profile grip that come together to deliver a smooth playing experience that allows you to dig in hard, play fast, and show your work. Thanks to our highly toneful and super durable Ultex material, Flow Picks project rich, powerful overtones. Grab this variety pack to see which Flow Pick gauge and profile is right for you.

Item Number: PVP114

This Variety Pack includes Flow Standard .73mm, Flow Standard .88mm, Flow Standard 1.0mm, Flow Standard 1.5mm, Flow Standard 2.0mm, Flow Jumbo 2.0mm, Flow Jumbo 2.5mm, and Flow Jumbo 3.0mm picks.
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