Dragon DR30-VC Cello

sku# ODR30VC
Dragon DR30
Dragon DR30
  • Dragon DR30 Cello
  • Dragon DR30
  • Dragon DR30 Cello
  • Dragon DR30




We are proud to carry the instruments made by Zhonglong Sheng of the famous Sheng family, known throughout China and the world for being highly distinguished musicians and violinmakers who take great pride in their artistic craftsmanship. Zhonglong translates literally to "Dragon" and the Core Dragon instruments offer customers bold and auspicious qualities.
DR30-VC - For even more dedicated players, the very sweet, dark tone is balanced with power and clarity throughout all registers. Using well-flamed maple and finely grained spruce, the tonewoods are crafted with extra time and effort to produce a wider tonal and dynamic range. The varnish is mildly antiqued warm amber color of medium luster. Ebony pegs, carbon fiber endpin, Despiau ā€œCā€ level French bridge, Wittner tailpiece. Adjusted with Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings. 4/4 size.
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